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Bondi Farmers Market Launch

Posted on May 4 by

The past few months have been pretty busy, since I’ve been working to help launch a new farmers market at Bondi Beach Public School. I was at the launch this weekend and...


Jem’s Graduation Photos

Posted on Dec 20 by

My good friend and past roommate Jeremy just graduated from the University of Sydney! He asked me to come take a few photos of him and some classmate friends on the day of their...


Mel’s 21st: Bohemian Nights

Posted on Sep 5 by

One of Luke’s good friends growing up just had her 21st birthday the other weekend! I’m always impressed at the big to-dos made around 21st birthdays in...


A Farewell

Posted on Jun 19 by

It was a couple of weeks ago now that my parents called to say that they had to put down our dog, Kimmiq. It was a hard phone call, and one I’d been dreading for a long...


Pearl Beach Sunset

Posted on May 18 by

I was thinking the other day that I really missed blogging about my photos. I’m a pretty shutter-happy person, and my blog used to be the place where I wrote about and...


down under dealio

Posted on Mar 26 by

I’ve been living in Sydney again for over six months now, and barely get around to blogging! What is this? All I can say is that I guess my brain has been enjoying some...